May 9, 2019

“A Place for Youth in Mediterranean EEA: Resilient and Sharing Economies for NEETs – YOUTHShare” Project

From November 2018 until April 2022, NESC participates in the transnational and multi-stakeholder “A Place for Youth in Mediterranean EEA: Resilient and Sharing Economies for NEETs – YOUTHShare” project within the frame of European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants for Youth Employment. The project coordinator is the University of the Aegean and participate in it 11 partners from 4 Mediterranean countries and one expertise partner from Norway. With different actions at multiple scales of intervention, “YOUTHShare” project aims at establishing long-lasting labour market impact by involving stakeholders, research and Employment Centres towards the production of sustainable jobs in disadvantaged regions, especially for NEETs (young women and migrants Not in Employment, Education or Training).

A Place for Youth in Mediterranean EEA Social and Sharing Economy for NEETs


–  University of the Aegean, Greece – Lead Partner

–  Neapolis University Pafos, Cyprus

–  Catholic University of Murcia, Spain

–  Sistema Turismo, Italy

–  Network for Employment and Social Care, Greece

–  Centre for the Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology, Cyprus

–  GAL La Cittadella del Sapere, Italy

–  Educational Association for Integration

and Equality, Spain

–  Social Cooperatives’ Network

of Central Macedonia, Greece

–  Cyprus Authority for Cooperative Societies, Cyprus

– Territorial Association Communita Montana Alto Bassento, Italy

– Fafo, Institute for Labour and Social Research, Norway








Project Management




Coordination and

financial administration

CommunicationOrganization of the 1st Interaction of stakeholders in Greece as an awareness raising event

Participation in the closing event and the premiere of a documentary film

Development of transnational (Trans-MED) Employment Centre delivering tailored supporting services to the project beneficiariesNetworking NEETs with employers for job matching
Delivering toolkits and IT platforms for training, counsellingContribution to the development of the educational material based on adults’ education international standards.

Test the applicability of the produced e-learning platform

Training, Apprenticeships and mobility schemes in social economy and resilient sectors for NEETsMonitoring/ Ensuring quality of the apprenticeships

Monitoring/ Ensuring quality of the mobility schemes

Best practices for NEETs identified and implemented through start up empowerment in social entrepreneurship and new sharing economyEvaluation of e-learning platform and its further use and applicability

Mentoring Support in Greek Start-Ups that will be established within the project

Synthesis of Best Practices Report



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